F.E. Smith Electrical was founded in 1902 to provide excellent quality electrical services in the Dublin area. In recent years the business has evolved hugely and  FES Electrical was established as a stand alone company in 1993.  But whatever the changes in society, the company philosophy has stayed the same, even since the early days of electrification. By providing high quality electrical service, our clients have been very well served.  This means that they stay with us and over 70% of our business is from long term clients.

We are now one of the very few independent contractors who are both Safe Electric and AECI members.  Plus our fully qualified electricians have over 121 years experience to offer!

Since our first priority is to meet our customer’s needs we always:

Treat all customers with respect and courtesy.

Listen to our customers’ comments, suggestions and complaints and act on them promptly

Offer a professional and effective service based upon up-to-date information sources and modern technology

Continue to innovate and improve to provide the best possible service to you

Respond to enquiries within 2 working days

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